Madhumohan Sreeram

Director, ESG Solutions, TransEuro Group
Madhumohan has played a crucial role in the environment and sustainability field in the UAE and India, executing many unique projects contributing to a cleaner and sustainable environment. He has been recognised through many awards and distinctions for his work. A recognised personality in this field, as against the general rhetoric on ESG, he has physically executed various proven unique projects beneficial to the environment in the region. He has been active in all the forums, panel discussions, and seminars in the region, contributing to various environmental and sustainability issues. His suggestions to the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment on the nation’s circular economy policy were accepted and incorporated into the policy. In 2018, He was awarded the Personality of the Year in the Middle East waste and recycling awards. He is a Chemical Engineer with a post-graduation in Industrial Management and has been a resident of the UAE for the last 25 years.