Zeina Alhashmi

Senior Sustainability Specialist, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
Zeina started her career as an environmental advisor and made her way into sustainability as her knowledge and experience grew. She is the Senior Sustainability Specialist and is part of the team leading the implementation of the 2030 Sustainability Strategy across all ADNOC operating companies. With almost ten years of experience in the field, her role circulates around positioning the company to excel in the ESG space as it further expands into the global market. This includes actively responding to ESG challenges, enhancing ESG disclosures through a digital transformation of the organization’s sustainability reporting, and developing ESG preparedness programs and strategies with a focus on financial and non-financial risks and opportunities. Zeina’s passion for sustainability is also visible through her energetic engagement with the local UAE community. Her niche is raising awareness of waste and pollution to encourage behavioural change at an individual level.