Saber Osman

Chief Executive officer, Earth's Climate for Sustainable Development

Saber has worked on climate change and sustainability at different ​scales with ​NGOs, the Private Sector and the Government, which has widened his vision of climate ​change and sustainable ​development and made him use top-down and bottom-up approaches to develop the required strategies ​​and plans. ​Saber is former Egypt’s Focal Point ​for UNFCCC and IPCC. He has also worked for the UNDP as a Project Officer in Egypt’s Second National Communication to UNFCCC and ​for GIZ as a Climate ​Change Advisor in its Urbanization Program to study the impacts of climate change on ​Urban ​Informal Areas in the Greater Cairo Region.​

As a lead negotiator on behalf of G77&China under the UNFCCC process, he was honoured ​during COP25 in Madrid 2019.​